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Welcome To My Projects Page
Here you can find some of my past projects.
Karaoke!! (2007)
This is a program that I made to help organize, play and display karaoke songs. Together with a small microphone-mixer sytem, you can have a full Karaoke system that is completelly portable!
3D Image Builder (2005)
Here you can see some images of my 3D Image Builder Program
Flying Platform (1998-1999)
This Project was done as my Thesis for Electronics Engineering. The Platform had four 0.40 RC Model Engines and was stabilized by custom Cascade PID Loop.
Holosphere (1996-1997)
This a giant 360deg 3D billboard.. It all started with a small version in my Universty’s Electronics Contest and it ended up as a 4 meter machine in front of my university!
"Brass", our own company (1997)
Well back in college my great friend Milan Derpich and I tried to make our own company dedicated to make 3D screens… but didn’t work out, we were on national TV, we had a lot of interested people, but no buyers!!! !
Stereo Camera (1997)
This was just two normal cameras stuck together that had a system made from door bells that would make hen take the picture at exactly the same time. The distace of the Cameras could also be ajusted dipending on the distance to the objective.
University's Mechanical Invention Contests (1994-1997)
My university has a Mechanical Invention Contest every year, here are some pictures of the Contests of 1996 and 1997 when we kicked ass!.


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